Why Vinyl Records Are Growing In Popularity All Over Australia

If Australians want to listen to music, they’ll have all sorts of formats available either at the click of a button or in some kind of electronic storage. Like most Australians, it’s either digital or streaming. While both formats have their benefits, one medium has seen a resurgence in popularity over the last few years: vinyl records. Ask any Aussie why they choose vinyl records, and you will most likely get the same answer: ‘It just sounds better.’ With the rising demand for vinyl records and vinyl storage racks in Australia, it’s high time that people found what drives this trend.

For most Australians, vinyl records are more than just a flashback to nostalgia. Some are regular collectors of vinyl records for the music set to break records in Australia.

Vinyl Sounds Better Than Other Formats

Vinyl records offer a warmer, more natural sound that digital files can’t match. It has a wider dynamic range and is more forgiving of recording or mixing mistakes (often unavoidable). This means that if Australian music collectors want an accurate representation of their music, vinyl is the best option.

If people are tempted to pick up a turntable but are worried about the cost, there’s good news. Record players have become increasingly affordable in recent times. While some turntables can set them back upwards of $600, there are tons of well-reviewed models for around $150. Plus, don’t forget storage, as vinyl records are delicate, and collectors also look into vinyl storage racks in Australia.

Vinyl Records Boom In Sales:

The vinyl renaissance has also led to a boom in new releases regularly. New records from big names like Arctic Monkeys, Drake, and St Vincent hit stores around Australia. It’s no surprise that vinyl sales now account for more revenue than free or subscription-based streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Vinyl is not just limited to rock’n’roll anymore: hip hop acts such as Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky have released recent LPs on vinyl alongside indie acts like The National and Wilco (who also reissued their entire back catalogue on LP). Each week brings new additions to Coleman’s shelves—from folk punk bands like The Smith Street Band to EDM producers Flume and Disclosure.

Reasons why vinyl is making something of a comeback

  • Vinyl records are physical formats: When people buy an album on vinyl, they get something tangible and can be held in their hands. They can peruse the liner notes or admire its cover art.
  • Vinyl records are an art form: Unlike CDs or cassette tapes—which have always been considered pieces of technology—vinyl records were created as works of art by artists who wanted their work to be preserved forever so future generations could enjoy them whenever they wanted (and maybe even play them on their record player!).
  • Vinyl records are status symbols among collectors because they look nice when displayed on shelves or mantles where others might see them.
  • Vinyl does sound better than other formats! While digital music has been around for decades, it hasn’t always been the most quality-oriented format. With vinyl records, though, people get a much better listening experience. The sound of vinyl is richer and warmer than other formats like CDs and MP3s. Each instrument has its own space in the mix; people can hear all the individual notes instead of just one or two at a time.

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