Why Does MacBook Pro Have No USB Ports?

The lack of USB ports on the MacBook Pro is not a new development, but it does raise many questions. Since the company has prioritized design over functionality, Apple hasn’t made a computer without a USB port in over 20 years. The current MacBook Pro models have at least two USB ports, and most models have four. The MacBook Pro does have Thunderbolt-3 ports, which are a superset of USB 3.1 and Displayport. In fact, all Mac computers have a USB port.

Thankfully, there are some solutions to the problem. One solution is to get a USB-C cable. This cable can handle up to 40 Gbps. The USB-C port is compatible with USB-A devices and is a better option than any other option. USB-C ports are still a good option for charging your MacBook, but you’ll have to find one to use it with a USB-C device.

Another solution is to get a Thunderbolt 4/USB-C cable. The old version of the MacBook Pro doesn’t have a USB-C connector, so you’ll need to buy one separately. But luckily, Apple has included EPR in its MagSafe port, so you can charge your MacBook Pro with a new external power source. USB-C also supports fast charging, so you can still connect your Macbook to the rest of your electronic devices.

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Thunderbolt is the next big thing in technology. The Thunderbolt port is a subset of USB-C, and has the same physical dimensions, but offers twice the speed. Thunderbolt has a higher minimum speed than USB-C, and it’s also backwards-compatible. You can use any USB-C cable for your MacBook, as it will work with both of them. And there are a variety of Thunderbolt-compatible devices.

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