What Does Deck Mean?

Did you know that the word deck is derived from the Proto-Germanic root *thakjan? It was originally used to refer to a horizontal platform or ship deck. The word now includes synonyms such as a building rooftop, a highway, and a digital file with slides. The word was first used in the 15c. and is also a part of the word deckle, detect, and stegosaurus.

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A deck is the floor-like surface of a ship. A ship’s deck is the surface that is open to the public. The bridge deck is where the captain and navigators work. Decks also refer to the flat platform behind a house, the floor of a skateboard, or a deck pack. In modern slang, deck refers to a decking or a board part of a skateboard.

There are many ways to use the word deck, but the most common meanings are to refer to a physical framework or mechanical device. In radio and television, a deck is a device used to transmit audio or video from a source to listeners. The term “deck” is also used to refer to a type of audio equipment with no built-in speakers or amplification. The term deck also refers to the components of a CD-ROM player.  Get learn more information skymovieshd.mkv

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