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The photomath software company Menlo Ventures, recently bought by Wiggers Venture Beat, announced a new product that it believes is a game changer in the world of photo editing. They say it will be able to turn the average photo into an art piece. It’s a bold move, but a smart one. So let’s find out more about the product, its benefits, and who it is targeting.

Menlo Ventures

Menlo Ventures is one of the leading venture capital firms in the United States. It has a portfolio of over five billion dollars, and has backed hundreds of startups. The firm was founded in 1976 in Silicon Valley, and has offices in Menlo Park and San Francisco.

Menlo Ventures focuses on disruptive models. They seek to invest in software, hardware, computer and consumer technology companies. Their investments are typically in the range of 10 to 50 million dollars. However, they will also make later-stage investments.

Menlo Ventures is a VC firm that was founded in 1976 in Silicon Valley. Founded in North America, Menlo specializes in technology, communications, and consumer sectors. In addition, Menlo Ventures has a history of investing in medicine and health care. Aunkur Arya, Menlo’s newest venture partner, has deep domain expertise and will identify the next breakout fintech companies.

Menlo Ventures has a track record of identifying category winners early. This includes early bets on startups such as Uber and Roku. Other examples include Chime, Siri (acquired by Apple), and Poshmark.

The company is working on developing a healthcare investing practice. As of today, it has invested in 160 M&A deals, with more than 75 public companies in its portfolio.

Wiggers Venture Beat

Among the throngs of technology buffs in the Big Apple, the VentureBeat aficionado is one of the most enlightened. In fact, this gent has been known to spend hours reading and analyzing the best of the rest. After all, this is the place to be when it comes to business and tech news. So, in what manner has he carved out a niche for himself? What is his day job? He is a marketing exec by day, and a music lover by night.

Aside from being a proud alumni of Ohio University, he has also made a splash on the business scene. Not to mention, he’s been a ringer on the dating front, and has a long history of building a solid reputation with the ladies. On the plus side, he’s been able to snag a coveted job at TechCrunch. Until that time, he’ll be making his rounds at the offices of the cream of the crop. Hopefully, he’ll find a good match and get to work. The only caveat, this isn’t a full time gig.

About the company

Among the thousands of start-ups lining the Silicon Valley corridor, Photomath stands out. Founded by two Silicon Valley veterans, the company has built a solid foundation of committed users, and has a track record of hitting the jackpot when it comes to funding. Among those lucky bleepers, the company has a robust product line that spans the gamut. Despite the fact that they’re currently headquartered in San Francisco, they have offices in a handful of other geographies across the country, including Seattle and Portland. A recent round of funding has injected some much-needed capital into the company’s coffers, and they’re still on the hunt for that next unicorn of the crop.


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