Video Game Industry Statistics 2021

Video game developers continue to increase in number, but who will make more games in the coming years? The numbers show that the industry is stronger than ever. According to the latest industry statistics, up to 50% of North American and European adults are gamers. The growth is driven by an increase in genres, more platform options, and greater accessibility of games on all devices. This increase is expected to continue into the next decade. In the meantime, here are some interesting facts about the future of the video game industry.

The gaming industry has seen a number of major acquisitions over the years. Sony recently acquired Moonton, a mobile game publisher, and Microsoft purchased long-time partners Bluepoint and Nixxes. These companies are focusing on releasing new games, and many have made big moves to boost their sales. Sony and Microsoft recently launched the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series XS, but demand for new consoles has been extremely high. Both consoles are outpacing their predecessors.

In terms of popularity, gaming is becoming more mainstream and more popular than ever. As technology advances, more people can afford to purchase new gaming consoles and expand their social circles. Video game industry statistics 2021 show that gaming is more than just playing. It has become a social activity and requires viewership. Live-streaming and esports have seen a surge in popularity. Currently, 465.1 million people watch esports, while another 235.5 million people watch esports on occasion. Twenty-six million people are dedicated gamers, and this number is expected to increase.

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