Tips on Purchasing the Best Sarong.

When one thinks of summer, what comes to mind? Turquoise waters and white sand beaches? Beach outfits? A versatile piece wearable in so many unique ways—from beach cover-up or skirt to pareo—a sarong is an easy way to add colour and pattern to any outfit. These pieces of fabric accentuate the body and keep one warm after a swim on the beach. They are super stylish and comfortable for long usage; wear them to a beach party right after a beach run. If one wants something lightweight and breezy, read on for tips on choosing the best ones that fit several styles and needs!

Consider the fabric:

When searching for the perfect sarong, remember a few things. First, consider the fabric of the chosen item. They are usually made from cotton, silk and other materials like rayon and polyester. Cotton is a popular choice for casual wear because it is durable and breathable; silk is more elegant and appropriate for formal occasions or special events where one wants to look their best.

If one has sensitive skin or allergies to certain fabrics, use satin or nylon sarongs. Otherwise, stick with what works best for specific lifestyles and needs!

Experiment with colours and patterns:

No hard and fast rules exist when choosing the right colour and pattern. But there are some general guidelines to use as a starting point in the search for the best sarong.

  • Select a colour that complements your skin tone. For example, if the skin tone is dark, then wearing bright colours may not be suitable; instead, choose pastel shades or jewel-toned colours such as blue, red or purple, which are flattering on darker complexions. If one has fair skin, bolder shades like orange and yellow will add a glow to the face making it appear fresher and healthier than when wearing lighter tones such as white or black.
  • When choosing patterns, keep in mind what kind of face shape you have – oval, round or square-shaped faces require less embellishment than square-shaped ones, which need more detail. Avoid large prints if you have a square-shaped face.

Buy printed styles for stylish looks:

Printed sarongs are a great way to add a little colour to the wardrobe, making them perfect for summer. They’re also a good option if one wants to make a statement or become the fashionista of the beach. When buying printed sarongs, there are several things to look at. First, check if they’re made of cotton or polyester since cotton absorbs moisture better than synthetic fabrics such as polyester.

Next, inspect whether the prints are on top of each other in layers or not because this will determine how vibrant and long-lasting they’ll be over time. Finally, ensure that all seams look finished off neatly so that nothing frays out unnecessarily when washing them regularly in cold water.

As dresses:

One can also wear a sarong as a dress. To do this, wrap it around the waist and tie the ends together to create a halter top. Some have holes in their hands and look gorgeous as dresses. One may need to secure the other types with safety pins or make some cuts along the sides of the fabric.


A wrap-around is wearable in many different ways, but here’s how to do it:

  • Wrap it around the waist and tie the ends together.
  • Tie a knot on one side of the wrap to make a hip-length dress or skirt. If one wants more coverage, use another piece of fabric as an underskirt.
  • Wear the wrap over the shoulders for a casual look rather than tying it at the back. This process will create a coat-ish look web series review.

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