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The benefits of buying a wooden cubby house

A cubby house is a great way to inspire your kids to play outside. You can make the most of the pleasant weather, a rarity in Melbourne due to its oceanic climate. Wooden cubby houses are popular among kids, but there are specific things you should look for when buying one for your child.

They’re available in many different shapes, sizes and designs. Hence, it’s essential to ensure that the one you choose will be safe enough for your child to climb on without putting themselves or others at risk of injury.

Get your kids away from the TV.

Cubby houses are a great way to get kids away from the TV and computer, as they encourage them to develop their imagination and creativity by playing with friends or siblings in their own private space.

As well as being fun, cubbies are also educational; they allow children to develop social skills, such as sharing with others while they play inside their new home away from home! This is quite an investment in time and money, so choose wisely when purchasing one for your child.

Cubby houses are a great way to inspire your kids to play outside.

Your kids will love the cubby house, and you’ll love watching them have fun. You can use a cubby for many activities, like playing hide-and-seek or setting up obstacle courses. You can also use it as an outdoor playroom where your kids can be creative with their friends while having fun outdoors!

A cubby house may also be called a ‘treehouse’ or ‘playhouse’.

A cubby house is a small wooden structure that is a playhouse for kids. It also can be in the form of a ‘treehouse’ sometimes. A cubby house may be made from any material, but wooden ones are the most popular because they’re easy to find and cheap to buy.

Cubby houses with decks.

Cubby houses with decks are safer than those without because the deck provides a safe place to stand when entering or exiting the cubby house. Your child will also be able to play games on it. The deck can be used for access into the cubby house, storing toys beneath it, seating for both children and adults, and even as part of an outdoor barbecue setup!

Match the aesthetics.

While selecting wooden cubby houses, you can match their theme with your house’s. So, if you have a magnificent Victorian feel like a traditional Melbourne home, go for the same aesthetic for your kid’s cubby house.

Think about where it will go in your backyard.

Once you’ve decided upon the type of cubby house you want, you need to think about where it will go in your backyard. This is important for two reasons: first, your child will have easy access to their new toy and second, they won’t get into trouble playing with it.

Placing the cubby house away from trees or overhanging branches is always a good idea. If your kid can climb up onto the roof or stand on top of it, then there’s a chance that something could fall onto them—and this could easily result in injury.


So there are a few simple tips for buying a cubby house for your kid. The good news is that there are so many different options available today. Just remember to consider safety, especially if you’re going with wooden or modular ones, as well as size and design.

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