Shay Razaei Has Died

Australian actress Shay Razaei has sadly died, aged 33. She had shot to fame on the show Instant Hotel, which was first aired on Channel Seven before moving to Netflix. In the show, homeowners transform their homes into luxury hotels in just 48 hours. Her co-star Mikey Gelo has confirmed that she had died, although he denied the allegations of suicide. In the wake of her death, fans have taken to social media to offer condolences to her family and friends.

Shay Razaei’s death has shocked the internet. Fans have speculated about whether she was the victim of online bullying. Meanwhile, her Instagram was full of comments speculating that she was a victim of online bullying. However, Mikey Gelo, Shay’s friend and manager, has said that he has no further information on the matter. In addition, he believes the cause of death was an accidental overdose fwdnews

In 2017, Shay and Mikey appeared together on the show’s first season, but later drifted apart. Mikey also called for an investigation into cyberbullying on Shay’s page. A year ago, she and Mikey appeared on the show together in 2017, but said that they drifted apart. Mikey hoped that Shay would improve and would soon return to the show. While there is no definitive proof of a connection between the two, Shay’s death and the events surrounding it are both tragic newsgosip

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