Making a Choice: Which Character Should You Select to Begin Honkai Star Rail?

The Honkai Star Rail  has recently been launched and many individuals who are unfamiliar with this game are uncertain which character to decide on at the beginning. To address this, the Redfinger Android emulator platform has experimented with this game and put together a guide to assist numerous gamers to become more familiar with the game’s mechanics and how to make a choice of a character at the start.

1. Playing Honkai Star Rail

The mechanics of Honkai Star Rail can provide an entertaining experience for gamers. This game features an array of activities that can keep players engrossed. It includes rail-shooting, tactical combat, and other exciting elements that make it stand out from other video games. Players can expect to be immersed in a world of endless possibilities as they explore the many features of this title.

The turn-based combat game Honkai Star Rail has become beloved by both novices and veterans alike, and a major contributor to its success is its special War Skills system. This system is essential for engaging in fights in the game.

In order to gain a full comprehension of the game Honkai Star Rail, one must be familiar with the turn-based duel mode. This style of play is quite standard, with each competitor taking turns attacking their adversary. To add an extra layer of entertainment to this classic format, the War Skills system has been implemented, bringing a delightful element to the fights.

When starting the game, players will see a tall bar on the left of the screen. This bar showcases the avatars of both the adversary and the player, which indicate the sequence of turns for each side. Usually, the avatar at the peak of the bar is the side that is attacking, while the one at the foot of the bar implies defense. During the player’s go, they can execute War Skills, each providing unique advantages related to the battle circumstances. Additionally, damaging the rival will restore one War Skill Point.

A player’s capacity to make use of War Skills is dependent on the amount of War Skill Points they have. A single turn allows for a maximum of five points to be attained, and each use of a War Skill costs 2 points. Thus, a player can only use their War Skills twice per turn. If a War Skill has already been used twice, the remaining points are not enough to trigger it once more. In short, War Skills are character-specific abilities and are very important in the result of fights.

At the start of Honkai Star Rail, a selection of characters can be made. It’s important to choose the one that best suits the player’s gameplay style.

Investing in the right character at the start of Honkai Star Rail is an important decision. Being aware of which character is the most beneficial to level up can help players from wasting too much of their resources in the initial stages of battle.

At the outset, the characters that are most worthwhile to develop are those that have the greatest potential.

When it comes to the current gaming performance of competitors, the best character choices initially are DanHeng, Black Tower, and Natasha. Ultimately, there is more freedom with the decision, which could include getting the 5-star character Seele, Yanqing, or other 4-star characters, since there is ample room for customization. This recommendation is based on the fact that these three characters encompass all the essential elements necessary for a lineup. DanHeng and Black Tower are both output-oriented characters, yet each is skilled in different ways.

2. Benefits of DanHeng and Black Tower

The well-known DanHeng is known for their capacity to deal great harm to single targets, excelling in both regular attacks and ultimate skills. When they hit with a critical blow, DanHeng can also reduce the velocity of the opponent, slowing them down. During combat, when their ultimate skill is used against a slowed enemy, the damage inflicted is significantly increased. By utilizing these two abilities together, their damage output is comparable to that of a 5-star character.

In opposition, Black Tower offers a completely different set of abilities. It is especially proficient in launching strikes against groups of opponents, with the amount of damage dealt escalating with the number of adversaries. Its skill allows for an extra attack once the target’s health has been reduced by 50%. Both its War Skills and ultimate skill are crafted to maximize destruction against multiple targets. In addition, its War Skills grant supplementary damage benefits when focusing on enemies with more health. It is possible to build Black Tower either as an ice-based character specialized in area-of-effect attacks or customized to fulfill particular needs.

3. Natasha: An Optimal Choice for Early Conflicts

Natasha is primarily associated with healing, though she is not as powerful as the 5-star character Bailu in this regard. Despite this, she is still a reliable asset with her ability to heal both individuals and groups, as well as a talent that gives bonus healing to targets with lower health. Consequently, she is a great help in early battles, and her growth is quite smooth. Moreover, her secret technique has the ability to weaken a single target in combat. At the present time, she is the only 4-star support character in early exploration teams, making her development a suggestion worthy of consideration. Nevertheless, if you get your hands on Bailu, it is worth thinking about having her in your secondary team.

Final Thoughts

Players of Honkai Star Rail are presented with lots of characters throughout the game. Even if you don’t want to invest money, by making the right combinations and properly utilizing these characters, you can get ahead in the early levels. So, when beginning the game, it does not matter which character you get. If you’re not an experienced gamer, it is more suitable for you to download and play Honkai Star Rail with the Redfinger Android emulator.

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