How to Use These Suggestions to Improve Amazon

There are a lot of ways to improve the customer experience on Amazon, so if you have been thinking about selling on the site but are unsure about how to improve your product listing, you can follow these suggestions to improve Amazon. Listed below are a few things you can try to increase your sales:

Product titles on Amazon are limited to 500 characters, so make sure your titles are as descriptive as possible. Include as many keywords as possible, including the brand name, the product line, and the material, color, size, and quantity. You can use the free Amazon keyword tool to find popular long-tail keywords and export the ones that fit your products. Google Keyword Planner is another great resource for researching the search volume of keywords. Make sure your descriptions are as accurate and clear as possible.

Product images should be free of background colors and should take up 80% of the image. If promotional images with people are necessary, consider reworking them to make them more eye-catching and relevant to the product. Images should be high-resolution with at least 1,000 dots per inch, to maintain the same quality even when buyers zoom in. Additionally, they should be free of watermarks and other elements, including drawings. To increase the visibility of your product on Amazon, you should use a high-quality image.

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