How to Get Your Ll Titans Hero Promoted

If you’ve been wondering how to get your hero promoted on Ll Titans, read this guide to find out how. You’ll learn about the Rarity Fair, farming Elite Chapters, Summoning Spheres, and more. You can also read about how to upgrade your heroes’ skills. After reading this guide, you’ll be able to Hubpost promote your hero with ease!

Rarity Fair

How to get your Ll Titans Hero rewarded at Rarity Fair is actually easy. First, make sure you are a VIP level one or above. Once you’ve reached this level, you can head to the Rarity Fair and purchase Hero Equipment from the vendor. Remember that you must purchase a full item to receive the next promotion rank. It’s also essential to be aware that you can only switch time zones once every 30 days.

Farming Elite Chapters

In Ll Titans, promoting your hero to the next tier requires some strategy. While the game mechanics favor existing characters, you can get a boost by farming elite chapters to level up your new character. In addition to farming chapters, there are tango ongoing events that reward Titan Chests and Spheres. The trick to promoting your hero is to know which ones are best for your playstyle.

Summoning Spheres

To make more Summoning Spheres, you must first gather more Soul Stones and Titanite. Titanite and Summoning Spheres can be obtained by farming them or by buying them with gold during Black Friday. However, you can also earn Titan Spheres just by staying active in your guild and playing regularly. Here are some tips to help you get more Summoning Spheres.

One way to farm Summoning Spheres is by completing daily quests. You can earn as many as seven a day when you complete a daily quest in Guild Dungeon. You can also make Summoning Spheres based on the total Titanite of your Guild. This is possible if you have 750 Titanite across all of your Guild’s members.

Upgrading heroes’ skills

In Ll Titans, you can level up your Titan and acquire Sparks of Power. You can use these Sparks to imbue the skills of your Heroes. These skills will increase your heroes’ rating. However, it is important to note that some skills will be more effective for news for web certain players than others. For instance, your Musketeer will have a higher Critical Hit Chance when compared to its peers. You can also use them to make your heroes even better.


To get the most out of these skills, you must upgrade your Super- faptitans and Marksmen as they are your primary heroes. In addition, you can also use Support Titans like Ignis, Mairi, and Avalon on alternate days. If you have Support Titans, then you should prioritize them. They are a good option for support and can be useful for switching between Guardian Titans and Support Titans.

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