How Could I Get a Job in IT Being a Non Tech Candidate?

What are the best ways to find a job in the IT field as a non-tech candidate? The job market is competitive and you can be considered a non-technical candidate if you’re able to demonstrate your relevant experience. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, one-quarter of all IT workers don’t have a college degree. Unlike what you may think, IT jobs don’t require advanced math skills. They do require teamwork and an ability to solve problems in technology.

You should show your unique skills and experience. Most tech companies look for candidates who have exceptional communication and precision. Be sure to research the position you’re applying for. Learn the language and phrases that the employers are looking for. If you’re interested in working as a UX Researcher, for example, make sure that you can show evidence of creating compelling insights and communicating findings to diverse audiences.

While some tech jobs require technical expertise, non-tech candidates may be perfectly suited to certain roles. Not only do these positions offer flexible hours, but they also offer better compensation, formal career development opportunities, and the chance to work on cutting-edge technologies. If you’re interested in working in the tech industry, it’s worth considering an internship or full-time position. You can also network with other tech professionals and potentially gain a full-time position after completing your internship.

A recent study found that over 43% of IT positions were held by non-tech candidates. These statistics prove that companies are increasingly hiring non-tech candidates to fill open tech positions. More than half of companies report it’s harder to fill open IT roles than a year ago, while just ten percent report it’s easier. Some companies are actively seeking non-tech candidates, such as English majors and liberal arts graduates.

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