History of engagement rings in ancient Egypt, and where to find ethical engagement rings in the UK

Engagement rings have a long and storied history that can be traced back to ancient Egypt. The Egyptians were among the first cultures to use rings as a symbol of love and commitment between two people.

In ancient Egypt, rings were seen as a never-ending circle, representing eternity. This symbolism made rings a natural choice for expressing the eternal bond formed between two people through marriage. Engagement rings as we know them today arose from the Egyptian tradition of giving a ring when proposing marriage.

The earliest Egyptian engagement rings were simple bands made of plant stems twisted together to form a ring. Over time, these plant rings evolved into designs made of leather, bone, and ivory. The most extravagant Egyptian engagement rings incorporated precious metals like gold and included semi-precious stones.

The use of rings to signify engagement and marriage was initially confined to the upper classes in ancient Egyptian society. However, archeological evidence shows the tradition gradually spread to all social classes. Ring styles became more elaborate over time, incorporating scarab beetles, the Eye of Horus, hieroglyphics, and other Egyptian symbols.

Ancient Egyptian engagement rings reflected the culture’s reverence for nature. Many featured plant and animal motifs that held symbolic meaning. Rings with a never-ending circular shape embodied the concept of eternal love. The durability and permanence of gold mirrored the intended longevity of a marriage union. And bright gemstones alluded to fertility and vitality.

Specific ring styles and preferences evolved over Egypt’s 3,000 year history. But rings remained central to the betrothal and marriage process throughout ancient Egyptian civilizations. Rings from different eras are a testament to the enduring appeal of these small circular bands as symbols of an eternal bond between two lovers.

Today, ethical engagement rings uk from retailers like Fair Jewelry provide a modern update to ancient Egyptian ring styles. Their handcrafted designs evoke Egyptian motifs like scarab beetles, lotus flowers, and wrap-around eternity bands. They allow you to celebrate your commitment to a lifelong partnership with a ring that honors the ancient Egyptian roots of engagement ring tradition.

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