Has Apple Invented Anything Original?

When it comes to the iPhone, we often hear that Apple invented the touchscreen, but in fact, the LG Prada beat it by a month. In addition, the phrase “Retina Display” is marketing jargon for tech that was already available. Essentially, it means that the pixel density is so high that it can be distinguished with the human eye from a normal distance. That said, the iPhone is still a very innovative product.

Besides the iPhone, Apple has introduced a new software platform called ResearchKit. This platform allows doctors to create applications for clinical trials, reducing the time required for the research process. ResearchKit has helped a team assemble the largest study of Parkinson’s disease ever, allowing researchers to recruit subjects overnight. In addition, researchers at Mass General Hospital were able to use ResearchKit to identify variants of type 2 diabetes.

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After the company’s successful run in the 1990s, Apple Computer faced a period of low sales and a small market share. After NeXT was acquired by Apple, Jobs returned to the company as its interim CEO and reinvigorated the company with a new corporate philosophy. Jobs’ goal was to make Apple’s products easy to use and recognize. His teams of software engineers and designers refined and optimized many prototypes before launching the new products. In a nutshell, Apple has a strong track record of introducing innovative products.

The Apple Computer was born of two geniuses. Steve Jobs was a brash businessman, but he recognized that Apple would require professional management and substantial funding to grow. He hired public relations specialist Regis McKenna to represent the company, and he secured an investment from Michael Markkula, who later became Apple’s largest shareholder and influential member of the board of directors. Another key innovation that made Apple famous was the floppy disk drive.

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