Can You Get a Divorce if Your Spouse Adandons You?

Divorces have a significant impact on your life and emotional well-being; they suck out all the energy that you have had. This worsens when your spouse abandons you without intimation or prior discussion. When a partner leaves or walks away from their marriage without any valid justification, a person can get a divorce on the grounds of desertion. 

DEsertion means when a person walks away from their marriage and leaves their partner without any valid reason. Suppose a spouse registers a case against the person. In that case, they might have to prove that the spouse that left home walked away with the intent of ending the marriage, the spouse has been away for more than 12 months without any communication, and the spouse has no intention of returning. These major points must be proven with The Harris Firm, LLC for a successful divorce.

How will abandonment affect the divorce?

Each state in the United States of America has its laws and regulations that declare the conditions for a divorce. So, before concluding, one must be aware of all the laws surrounding abandonment cases. A court will carefully assess the situation, and then, if it seems valid, it will declare whether you have been abandoned. Even if your divorce proceeds, certain aspects might affect the divorce outcome. These aspects are mentioned below:

  • Marital Assets

If you and your spouse own properties, shared bank accounts, funds, investments, etc., the court will decide how these assets will be divided. The background research will be done on both parties’ earning capabilities, and then the division will be done. This process can take a huge amount of time as one of the spouses must agree to the terms that the court governs.

  • Child Custody

If you have had kids in your marriage, deciding which parent must get custody of the child will also be impacted.  The court will have the sole decision on deciding which parent gets custody of the child based on how long the partners have been separated, how financially well the spouses are to take care of the child, and which parent took care of the child when the other spouse abandoned the marriage. There would be several more conditions that will be taken care of before the court makes any decision.

Abandonment will be difficult, and so is the case with divorce. Ensure that you have a skilled attorney by your side to back you up for the divorce. Abandonment is not fair, and the feeling that a person gets from it worsens. Ensure you do your research well and have patience, as the court will always make the right decision.

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