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The David Dobrik 20 Minute Series on Spark is a great way to learn the ins and outs of YouTube and how you can use it to build your career. The first part covers a bit about how you can use YouTube to build a business, how to get started, and what you can do to boost your traffic. Next, the second part focuses on how you can create a viral video. Finally, the third and final part explains how you can earn money from YouTube.

Dispo photo-sharing app

If you want to share your pictures in a way that evokes the classic disposable camera experience, you might want to try Dispo. The app is the brainchild of YouTuber David Dobrik. It’s an iOS app that mimics the process of using a classic disposable camera.

Unlike other disposable camera apps, Dispo doesn’t require you to edit your pictures. Instead, the app lets you take as many pictures as you want. You can then save them in your library or you can share them with other users.

Dispo aims to be a social network where you can discover content, interact with other people, and create your own collaborative camera rolls. For example, you can create a roll of photos about a particular topic and share it with friends.

Despite its social features, Dispo isn’t as social as Instagram. Unlike Instagram, Dispo doesn’t have filters to make your photos more flattering. However, the app does allow you to like and comment on pictures.

Loss of subscribers

One could argue that YouTuber David Dobrik has had a rough week. He was caught up in the whirlwind that was the Vlog Squad scandal, and he’s also been accused of sexually assaulting Joseth “Seth” Francois, who he was tricked into kissing in a video posted to his vlog. On top of that, he’s been demonetized by YouTube, which equates to a lot of lost revenue. So, what has he done to rectify his situation?

The fine Bros’ main channel lost over 115,000 subscribers in one day. They have since started to drop subscribers like flies, but they’re not going to go down without a fight. In fact, they’re attempting to trademark a name, a la YouTube’s kooky dude, and have a small army of fans ready to throw down. It’s a tough road to travel, but they’ve found a way to make it fun again.

Dobrik’s latest offering, a 20-minute series called Let’s Talk, has racked up nearly five million views on its own. While it’s impossible to know for sure how many people have seen it, the video is certainly a popular choice on social media. That said, Dobrik did not reply to any of my requests for comment.

Dispo’s recent $20 million funding

Dispo, the photo sharing app co-founded by YouTube star David Dobrik, recently raised $20 million in funding. With this new investment, the app now boasts a valuation of $200 million, putting it in the same league as Instagram, Snap, and other photo sharing apps.

Dispo is currently available on iOS devices. However, it will be launching on Android devices in the near future. In the meantime, it has launched a test version of the app. It requires users to be invited to the network.

Since launching a few months ago, Dispo has racked up thousands of users. However, the app has been plagued by issues. For instance, its founder quit the company amid rape allegations. The alleged assault was attributed to a member of the Dispo team. As a result, Dispo lost a large chunk of its investors’ interest.

In February, Axios reported that Dispo had secured $20 million in Series A funding. Dispo has been in talks with several venture capital firms, including Andreessen Horowitz, Benchmark Capital, and Sequoia Capital. But it hasn’t confirmed whether it has secured any more money.

Dispo’s potential impact on YouTube views per video

Dispo, a social media and camera app, is reportedly worth more than $200 million. However, it has been severely criticized after reports of sexual assault. One of the co-founders, David Dobrik, has reportedly stepped down from the board of the company. Previously, he was dubbed Gen Z’s Jimmy Fallon by The Wall Street Journal.

According to an Insider report, Spark Capital is severing ties with Dobrik’s company. However, it’s not clear how this might affect Dispo. Several sponsors have also reportedly cut ties with the company. For example, HelloFresh, Dollar Shave Club, and others have reportedly canceled their partnerships with Dobrik.

If you’re looking for ways to boost your YouTube views per video, there are a few things you can do. Specifically, you can ask people in your network to give you extra invites. Or, if you don’t have a large network yet, you can contact Dispo and request an early access.


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