UGG Boots: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

There is nothing like the UGG to keep you warm and toasty through the chilly Australian winters. Built to last for years down the line, women’s UGG boots have stood the test of time, even in terms of style.

Plush and comfortable, these boots made a major fashion comeback as Australia’s most influential export. However, the flip side is that many fake UGGs are out there. Keeping a few things in mind would be best to get the bang for your buck. Keep reading to know them in detail.

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1.   Country of Origin

Would you believe that over 96% of UGGs sold worldwide are manufactured in China out of fake sheepskin (yes, this includes Australia)? To purchase only authentic UGGs, you must consider the supplier’s origin.

Local Australian-made UGGs are ideal since each boot is carefully handcrafted instead of being mass-produced in factories. Moreover, each boot undergoes thorough quality control checks to ensure they are ready to be sold.

You can find the women’s UGG boots’ origin among the details in the online listing or read what the sewn label of the boot says. In case they’re inauthentic, you must return them.

2.   Sheepskin Grade

The sheepskin is the most important aspect of the UGGs as it determines their longevity, warmth, and all the good features these boots are known for. While synthetic or fake sheepskin must be avoided at all costs, even the real may be less than authentic.

What does this mean? Even among real sheepskin, two grades are available – Grade A and F. While Grade A are the best in quality, usually at least 16 mm thick, F Grade is poorer. The latter makes the boots wiry, thin, and unable to provide the warmth your feet need.

Check the manufacturer’s website to know the sheepskin grade or make an inquiry before purchasing.

3.   Price

Regarding UGGs, remember that you get what you pay for. Because procuring authentic Merino sheepskin and crafting each boot is tedious, these boots are generally a little expensive.

However, think about durability and utility – imitations may save you some bucks, but it will ultimately prove to be a poor trade-off if the boots leave your feet freezing and are non-durable.

So, would you consider half a winter an investment? With proper care, your authentic UGGs can last up to 15 to 20 years (winters)!

4.   The Size and Fit

In the case of authentic Australian UGG manufacturers, the boots are always true to size. If you size up in fear that the boots won’t fit, you’ll end up with a pair that is too loose. UGGs are meant to be tight-fitted at the time of purchase.

After multiple usages, you will notice that the boots have sized up at least by half their original size. Go through the seller’s sizing guide carefully, follow instructions to measure your feet, and then purchase a pair.

This makes it difficult to go wrong with sizing, even through online purchases.

Is Finding the Right UGGs Possible? You Bet Your Boots!

Once you’ve taken care of all aspects of purchasing the UGGs, some need your attention once the boots arrive.

Check the finer details thoroughly to ensure you’ve received only quality UGG boots. This includes glue strands from the boots’ sole, hanging threads, and minor scratches or marks. Once you’ve checked the all-clear for such manufacturing defects, it’s time to slide your feet into their heavenly and plush cosiness!

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