Summer skirts you should buy for your body type

Have you wondered why your favorite celebs look gorge in specific dresses and skirts? They dress according to their body type. They have personal stylists who make them look out of the world, even in simple summer dresses.

Summer calls for creativity, and there is a skirt for every body type. However, there is no strict rule about wearing skirts. You should choose whatever rocks your boat! Some like to wear what looks best on their bodies according to height and body shape.

Well, there is good news: everybody has a summer skirt type. Read along to understand which skirt you should buy to look your best.

Skirt for your body type

All bodies come in different shapes and sizes. It could take years to realize what type of clothes highlight your best features.

Skirts give away a feminine or a boss vibe look, depending on what you want.

You should not limit yourself to only one skirt type. However, these are some recommendations you can follow if you feel lost while buying a skirt for the first time.

 For Petite figures 

You can get dolled up in short skirts to show off your legs if you have a tiny figure. Some favorites are denim or a ruffle skirt with some embellishments. You can pair this summer skirt with plain tees or buttoned shirts.

Avoid long or fitted skirts as you might appear more petite and shorter. Showing off your legs gives an illusion of long legs and a taller appearance.

Apple-shaped body type

Apple-shaped women tend to gain weight in the middle than the hips and legs. Hence, high-waisted skirts will define your waistline and conceal that middle area to a great extent.

For an even better appearance, you can pick wider skirts at the bottom, i.e., the hemline flows away from the body. Try to keep the length just above or below the knees.

Curvy bodies

If you are a woman of curves, pencil skirts must be your staple. Do not miss any opportunity to highlight your curves. These skirts are slimmer at the waist (usually high or mid-waist) and hug the hips. They are a bit looser toward your knees and calves.

Pencil skirts also make great options for office wear. However, you can find various designs and styles that will be perfect for a girl’s night out.

Tall and lean figures – Maxi Skirt

If you are tall and lean, you can pull out any skirt from the wardrobe. However, maxis look stunning on slender frames. To add to the glamour, you can opt for silk/satin maxi skirts for a classy and sexy silhouette.

Further, maxis are a little flowy and do not stick to your body. It complements your structure while giving off a chic look.

Pear shaped frame

For pear-shaped bodies, A-line skirts do the trick. These skirts create a balanced look by minimizing the width of the bottom half. The waist is smaller, then it flares out for a curvy appearance.

You can go for short as well as long A-line skirts. Further, you can add a belt to pull attention away from the bottom half and towards your waist.

Athletic build 

You have worked hard to refine that body. So, why don’t you show it off with short summer skirts? Pick any dress that’s above the knees and flash those calves.

If going short isn’t your thing, pick any midi skirt, and you are good to go. Avoid heavy or chunky heels because that will elongate your physique in a more muscular way. Go for strappy or delicate-looking heels.

The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of a dress – Hubert De Givenchy.

There are some tips and tricks from experts about the type of summer skirts for every body type. However, do not think twice if you want to wear a skirt that is off the rules. Just go for it. Fashion is a creative space, and you can choose whatever you like.

However, you are also free to stick to the rules to stand out and accentuate your best features in a cute, sexy summer skirt.

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