Starting Salary of a Podiatrist

The starting salary of a podiatrist will depend on several factors. In general, those with a single or two-year degree earn $58,968 to $169,127 per year. However, a podiatrist with five to nine years of experience earns from $63,616 to $201,341, while those with more than 20 years of experience earn between $73,377 and $204,817 per year.

The BLS does not distinguish between hubblog employed and self-employed podiatrists in private practice employment, although independent doctors tend to earn higher salaries. Working for yourself also allows you to control your hours and hire other doctors. A specialist can also specialize in a field, such as public health, orthopedics, or surgery. For even more money, become board-certified. There are a variety of opportunities to specialize and earn subspecialty knowledge.

The starting salary of a podiatrist varies considerably  bloghub247 by state and location. In Florida, a podiatrist makes approximately $48,920 per year, while those in California earn between $171,740 and $239,624.

Although the starting salary of a podiatrist may tter420 not be the highest in the world, it can be a viable career option for people living in areas with lower compensation levels. In fact, a podiatrist in the upper Midwest could make enough to repay their student loans aggressively and be debt-free within 10 years. During that time, a high income would allow them to save aggressively and pay off their student loans.

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