Propose to Your Partner with a Diamond Ring

Diamond rings are the ultimate expression of the beauty of love. Other gems, such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, are also very impressive (roughly on par with diamonds) but lack brilliance and durability. Diamond rings in Australia can be cut into any shape using special equipment known as “carvers,” which means that diamonds can be used in everything from rings to bracelets to earrings—even necklaces!

Diamond Rings in Australia are Handmade

Before selling, all diamond rings in Australia are hand-cut and individually inspected for imperfections by highly trained gemologists. This process aims to ensure that each diamond has the qualities of a flawless diamond: clarity and fire, as well as eye cleanliness and brilliance.

The cut makes a diamond valuable—it ensures that light will pass through the stone pleasingly, giving it a more brilliant appearance than if it had been left rough or faceted. The diameter of the cut determines how much light passes through it; therefore, more minor cuts (such as micro-polish) produce more sparkle than larger ones because there’s less material per unit area under magnification.

Why Should You Choose a Diamond for an Engagement Ring?

Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth and the most expensive gemstones in Australia. They usually have a Mohs hardness scale rating of 9 or higher, meaning they’re tough to scratch or dent.

Diamonds are considered to be one of nature’s most perfect things. They’re impermeable (they don’t absorb water), indestructible (you can’t break them), and brilliant (their shine is like nothing else). Natural diamonds can be found in many different colours ranging from white through yellow through blue to orange—but what makes these stones so valuable isn’t just their colour, but their rarity. The vast majority of people own at least one diamond engagement ring—and if you do too, then chances are good that your engagement ring has been purchased from an online retailer.


Diamonds can be cut and polished into perfection, which is why they are considered the ultimate expression of beauty and perfection. Only one per cent of all diamonds are traded at any given time, with an average price tag of over $3,000 per carat (carat is the weight unit).

A Diamond’s Value Depends on Its Colour, Cut and Clarity

Diamonds are graded on a scale from D-Z, where D is the least valuable, and Z is the most. The main factors determining a diamond’s value are colour, cut and clarity.

Colour: A perfectly transparent diamond has no colour; however, it will have some yellow or brownish tones when viewed under different light conditions. This is because diamonds absorb specific wavelengths of light while reflecting others, which causes them to appear in different colours depending on their wavelength (red vs blue). The amount of visible light absorbed by a particular stone determines its colour grade or “clarity” score—the higher the number in this category means better quality!

Cut: A well-cut diamond can look brilliant without being completely flawless; however, this type of cut requires more skill on behalf of those who craft them because there are more facets per carat than simple table cuts do (for example). In addition to being able to produce high-quality pieces with intricate designs as marquise cuts do—which require special machinery for machining purposes—cutters in Australia must also develop techniques for making soft surfaces that reflect rays towards themselves rather than absorbing them as many lower-quality stones do.

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